Injection Molding: A Very Effective Process of Molding

Molding has been a very conventional industrial art for ages. Molding is the process to give the things their desired shapes. Molding techniques are used everywhere in the process of making things more attractive and well-dressed. You cannot imagine that how the proper choice of a mold can lighten up the mood of your households, or can give your interiors a super attractive look. Along with other processes of molding there is a growing trend of using injection molding process. There is a vast number of injection mold manufacturers china.

The injection mold making process is mainly used for producing plastic products, though some metals can also be used for this purpose. It is performed by injecting liquid materials into a mold. The injection molding process includes several steps like:

1. Clamping: The fixed tools incorporated in the molding machine are tightened together.

2. Injection: The melted material gets poured into the mold.

3. Dwelling: It is the process to check whether all of the hollow parts of the liquid material have been properly filled or not.

4. Cooling: The material is allowed to cool down slowly and get solidified inside the mold

5. Ejection: After the material gets properly solidified the hardened, it is ejected from the mold.

Advantages of using Injection mold making process:

• The main advantage of using the injection molding process is that it works with high accuracy and speed. The low production time really makes it a great choice for industrial operations.

• As the plastic is made of little granules, due to the high pressure inside the injection molding machine the mold is pressed much harder than other molding processes. As a result, it is possible to give the finest details to the material.
• The great part of plastic injection molding is that fillers can be added to the material while the molding process goes on. Fillers are known to add extra strength to the materials as it reduces the density of the plastic.

• The charming thing about injection molding is that the materials come out of the machine with almost a finished and ready-to-go appearance, whereas a little amount of post-processing is needed.

• In injection molding process as maximum tasks are done by machines, labor cost is fewer than the other molding processes.


• The process requires a lot of installed machines before starting the work and that is a bit too costly.

• The process is mainly beneficial for making thin-walled plastics not otherwise.
• Each part should be made separately.

• All the parts to be made should be solid, hollow parts can’t be made through this process.

• All the tasks should be done under the supervision of a skilled engineer.


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